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Starting my photography journey as a Veterinary Nurse, pets were the most natural and obvious subject choice for me to photograph. I have always loved photography and I thought at least photographing pets would be able to give me some content to work and experiment with to be able to get creative and put my work out there.

Fast forward just over one year since launching my website... I got engaged!

Naturally I took to Pinterest to gather ideas for our wedding and the inspiration I had went to a whole other level! I always knew and appreciated how pretty weddings are, I love everything about them, from the colour schemes, themes, flowers, of course the dresses! and all of the little details that make your day your own.

Combining this very inspiring enthusiasm and my love for photography I have recently, over the past few months, decided to re-brand my work and focus solely on couples and weddings as my subject choice, rather than continuing on the pet portrait route. I love everything about love! I'm a hopeless romantic and admiring all of the other wedding photographer's work out there gives me so much motivation. I can't wait to start working with some wonderful couples!

So here's my pet portrait archive (I couldn't just delete them!) as these images will no longer be advertised in my portfolio...

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